Bring the playroom to Windows


  • Lots of toys
  • Easy to use
  • Online "playsets" to download
  • Good tutorial


  • Can be aimless

Very good

Do you ever miss your childhood toy box? With Souptoys, you can have a replica on your PC!

Souptoys is basically a collection of toys, most that react "realistically" to basic physics, all in a toy box window. If you want a toy, just drag it out and onto your desktop. You can play with your toys on your regular Windows screen, or add a custom background.

There are bricks, so you can build castles, dolls, cars various balls and more. Grabbing them and moving them around is really intuitive, but if not, there's a short tutorial that takes you through playing with Souptoys. It may seem childish, but it's surprising how satisfying it is to build a castle, then fire a toy duck through it to make it collapse!

Souptoys is designed with children in mind, although it's difficult to see why they wouldn't be playing with these toys in real life instead. Regardless, children and adults alike will probably enjoy messing around with this virtual toy box. The sound effects are fairly realistic, and the toys themselves are suitably colorful.

Souptoys is a simple but amusing idea, and a great application to install incase you need to wind down in front of your computer.




User reviews about Souptoys

  • by Anonymous

    LOVE IT!!!!.
    The best thing since sliced bread. It's hours of pointless fun that I never get bored with. The...   More